Ad Blocking

Vodacom and MTN say no to ad blocking

Local mobile operators say they are not investigating network level ad blocking services, at least for now. About 20% of data traffic on a smartphone is

Can publishers ‘good-ad’ their way out of the ad-blocking phenomenon?

Whitelisting, blocking the ad-blockers – these are some of the ways in which news outlets are hitting back in an attempt to protect what for

Twitter Is Extending Its Ad Network; Epicurious Forms An Anti-Ad Blocking Strategy

witter is extending its ad network. While the Twitter Audience Platform (TAP) previously allowed brands to drive to branding goals via ad units like promoted

Forbes Tests New Tactics to Combat Ad Blocking

“Some readers, who have installed ad blocking technology, are encountering messaging designed to serve as a reminder that advertising, along with paid subscriptions, supports

The main reason why people are not already using ad blockers should worry publishers explains why this is a concern in the report's accompanying press release: Given that ad blockers (including those of the highest quality, like uBlock Origin)

$20 Billion Lost Due to Ad Blockers

At their simplest, ad blockers are apps, plugins or browser extensions that alter or block ad content on a page. Juniper Research, one of the leading

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